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August 30, 2012
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-MM APP: Slater Caruso- by GI-Ace -MM APP: Slater Caruso- by GI-Ace

:star: Please feel free to RP with Slater anytime! We can rp through dA note, comments, the chat room, MSN, anything, just lemme know! <3

:iconmmslater::iconsaysplz: What a splendid pie, pizza pizza pie. Pepperoni and green peppers, mushrooms, olives, chives!

:bulletblack:Name: Slater Caruso
:bulletblack:Age: 17
:bulletblack:Height 6' 0" (181 cm)
:bulletblack:Weight: 155 lbs.
:bulletblack:Gender: Male
:bulletblack:Birthday October 22
:bulletblack:Year Level: Year Three - Transfer Student (Foreign)
:bulletblack:Nationality: American - From New Jersey
:bulletblack:Status: Relationship (with Yamato Kirisagi)

:bulletblack:Arcana: I - Magician
:bulletblack:Arcana Rank: Rank 5
:bulletblack:Suit: Wands
:bulletblack:Persona: Water Leaper
MM: Water Leaper (R5 Persona) by GI-Ace
:bulletblack:Skill Set:
  • Bufudyne - Inflicts a large amount of Ice damage on one target.
  • Ziodyne - Inflicts a large amount of Elec damage on one target.
  • Garudyne - Inflicts a large amount of Wind damage on one target.
  • Agidyne - Inflicts a large amount of Fire damage on one target.
  • Blitzkrieg - Increases all damage dealt by 1, but also increases all damage received by 1 as well.
  • Spell Master - Reduces the SP cost of Spells by 1 SP
  • Hustle - Increases dodge range by 10.
  • Alertness - If this skill is present at the beginning of a battle, then the party gets first attack.

Pizza Cutter.
Slater knows how to handle himself on the rougher streets of his home neighborhood; apt at using his fists and feet and he knows his way around small, sharp weapons. Perhaps not as practical or formidable as a knife (though still lethal if sharp), he chooses a pizza cutter he obtained during his first day in Kirimori when he went out to buy one for his uncle but forgot about it and left it in his backpack. He now carries it around for pizza-making emergencies and kicking ass.


  • Food: PIZZA (he enjoys baking it, but he enjoys eating it even more).
  • Color: Green and pink.
  • Animal: Frogs (Anything having to do with frogs would make him squeal with delight).
  • Movie: Star Trek
  • Book: He's not much of a reader so no favorite book, but he does read lot's of slash fiction (his favorite paring is "Spirk" Spock/Kirk ).
  • Video Game: Red Dead Redemption
  • Music: Country and J-pop
  • Season: Autumn
  • Holiday: Halloween
    General Likes:
  1.  Friends and Family (pretty much his reason for being; he'd do anything for his loved ones).
  2.  Being a part of something and being useful (he likes being needed and relied on and it always feels good not to fuck something up as per usual from his bad luck).
  3.  Cooking (he loves to cook and bake, it makes him happy as he's passionate about it. He's also professional.).
  4.  Small Crafts (he likes to make friendship bracelets and other accessories).
  5.  Sci-fis and Westerns (in any form: TV shows, movies, and books).
  6.  Equality, open-mindedness, and acceptance. 
  7. Clothes shopping (particularly boots).

  1. Cheap/Burnt Pizza (pizza needs lots of love put into it when baking!).
  2. Punks, bullies, and wanna-be’s (can't stand fake people and those who put others down and think they're better than everyone else).
  3. Overly serious people (YOLO, why not enjoy life more?).
  4. Being cooped up (there are too many exciting things to eat do out in the world!).
  5. Being left out (*cricket noises*).
  6. Failing (who likes to fail? But in Slater's case (bad luck) it happens 99% of the time despite his efforts).
-Slater may dress like a thug or “bad-boy”, but he’s anything but. He’s goofy, has a constant sense of humor and is quite smart as he can excel in school when he puts in the effort.

-Slater is a bit of a vigilante and will stand up to bullies anywhere at anytime even if it means getting into violent scuffs. Though fighting is a bit contradictory to his sense of justice, he views it as outweighing the bad if he can help dispel the punks on the street.

-He can take initiative and is a man of action. He can be a leader or a loyal follower, but whatever the situation he’ll get done what needs to be done.

-He’s strange and always has something silly, sarcastic or snarky to say as he doesn’t watch his mouth much. Although he’s talkative, he’s not one for divulging how he really feels and is always guarding his true feelings or emotions with jokes and a façade of happiness.

-He definitely likes to make friends. He likes people who are honest, open and fun.

-Slater is diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depression) after his persona awakening as the stress of shadows triggers the disorder. After a respite of therapy and being put on medication, he's more or less the same ol' fun loving goofy Slater only he's a little more quick to anger and can shift moods in the blink of an eye. When he DOES anger, all bets are off. He can be a bastard, say hurtful things and issue challenges to fight. In a sense he becomes the very type of people he despises (bullies), but with self control and medicine he remains for the most part, a good kid.

  • Loyalty: Like the strong tradition of Italian family bonding, Slater applies this philosophy to his friends. His friends ARE his family to him and he'd do anything and everything for them.
  • Smart: He’s academic (when he puts his mind to it).
  • Charisma: Slater has a natural charm. His social-ness and happy attitude seem to grant him lots of friends.
  • Capable: Can get out of sticky/bad situations well. He has many tricks up his sleeve.
  • Stealthy: Good at covert ops (under cover, sneaking, escaping).
  • Reliable: Makes a great friend who will always have your back.
  • Agile: Because of his stealthy ‘ninja’-like skills and his thin and lanky physique, he is very nimble, flexible, and quiet when moving.
  • Prankster: Though mostly harmless, he can get carried away and might come off as a little offensive to someone more sensitive to this type of play.
  • Avenging: Wanting to protect people from bullying and the fact that he'd do anything for his friends and give ample payback to anyone who messes with them, Slater's vengeance can definitely get in the way of thinking straight.
  • Headstrong: Though being assertive is a good thing, sometimes he gets too dedicated to a task and wants to see it through to the end no matter what. This can also cause him to run head-first into situations, leading to the following:
  • Bad Luck: Has a knack for getting into bad situations no matter how hard he tries not to, although more than often it’s because he rushes into something.
  • Guarded: Because of his endless humor, it’s hard to tell if something’s bothering him, or if he is feeling down. This can cause him to bottle things up or unhealthily disregard them. This might contribute to bouts of grumpiness or solitary behavior (the latter is pretty rare though)
  • Relentless: Because he is avenging and headstrong, Slater can be unyielding in a fight. Though the supposed stamina and gusto it gives him in battle seems advantageous, he can forget about his own safety and is prone to getting injured/injured worse if he keeps at it.
Slater’s family lives in New Jersey and is of an Italian immigrant background. His ancestors started a pizza restaurant (which is now a popular chain) when they came to America which has been passed down for generations. He can see himself managing it someday as he has a love for baking/cooking Italian food, but he doesn’t want to be forced to.
The family restaurant brings in substantial income and he’s been working there ever since he was little so he can definitely afford bigger expenses if needed.
Slater began to get into “trouble” in his early teens. Because of his vigilante attitude and brashness towards thugs, he started to make enemies with the local gangsters.
Though he is very smart and a hard worker at school, his 'outside of school' life began to take a toll on his education.
His parents became very concerned for his safety and declining studies and urged him to leave for a bit while he gets his head straight and stops picking fights with ruffians.
Victor Caruso, Slater’s uncle, is an ambitious businessman and wants to make the family restaurant into an international chain as well. Having been stationed in Japan during his service in the Marines in his younger years, Victor admires the country and is going there to check out prospects. Hearing that Kirimori is a progressive town that receives a bit of tourism, piques his interest in trying to start a small business there.
Because of his uncle's travels and his own love for anime, J-pop/rock and Japanese culture, Slater knows Japanese as he had taken it in Jr. High and his first two years of Highschool. Because of his interest and their need to get him away from trouble, Slater's mother and father sent him to Japan with his uncle.
Being wealthy and very academic (if he's staying out of trouble, which he intends to do as he starts a new), Slater is a good candidate for a more prestigious school like Higashimori. He is eager to settle into the new environment and try to make friends instead of enemies.

-Slater is bisexual, not a virgin, and has been in several relationships with both males and females. He's currently in a wonderful relationship with Yamato Kirisagi.

-Slater's favorite school subjects are Science and History. He particularly enjoys physics (mechanical engineering and quantum mechanics), astronomy, and the post Civil War era of American history (cowboys!).

-Slater is deathly afraid/phobic of big open water and you'll be hard-pressed to even get him into a swimming pool. He doesn't know how to swim and has no intention of learning.

-He is a Star Trek nerd.

-Slater's very tech savvy and delves into computer and mechanical repairs, but only for his own entertainment so far; he doesn’t want people coming to him for these services. He loves to tinker with things and does his own motorcycle repairs.

-He loves to cosplay in lolita dresses....or just where them for the hell of it.

-He has a sweet tooth and is always carrying around some sort of bag of candy inside his jacket. He's always willing to share <3.

-He still has the childhood dream of becoming an astronaut, though realistically he sees himself taking over the family restaurant.

:bulletblack:Battle Quotes:
MM: Heyas Persona, wakey wakey! by GI-Ace

:bulletblack:Morphos Points: 235,198
MM: Slater's Piggy Bank by GI-Ace


:bulletblack:Social Links::

:bulletblack:Other References:

-Outfits- MM: CH7 Fashion Show by GI-AceMM: Winter is Here by GI-AceMM: Post Ch7/Italy Slater by GI-Ace

Slater Caruso and art (c) to me; GI-Ace
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